Powerwall  48V 200AH 10KWH Battery

Powerwall 48V 200AH 10KWH Battery

Battery type: lithium iron phosphate battery

Product model: FONY - 48 v200ah - A2

Nominal voltage: 48V

Nominal capacity: 200Ah

Maximum voltage: 58.4V

Minimum voltage: 42V

Charging current: 70A

Discharge current: 100A

Communication mode: RS485, CAN

Power display: Yes

Battery case: Metal case, white + black

Temperature range: 0~45C (charging), -10~60C (discharging)

Battery size: 930*530*200mm (wall mounted)

Battery weight: 110kg (approx.)

Charger: None

Note: Can be customized according to demand, size, shell, socket can be adjusted according to demand